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Passing Diplomatic Luggage Service

The mission informs the ministry upon receiving or delivering diplomatic bags or parcels, and when sending or receiving mission-specific items such as electronic devices and others, to facilitate their passage through all UAE entry ports.


Service Procedure:


The mission submits a request to facilitate the arrival, passage, and departure of diplomatic bags or parcels through the ministry’s website. The mission also submits a request upon sending or receiving mission-specific items such as electronic devices and others, to facilitate their passage according to the laws and procedures followed by UAE’s port security, where they are referred electronically to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in the visits section at Abu Dhabi Airport to speed up the procedure.

1. The mission applies to the electronic system, attaching the required documents and mentioning the contents and details of the bag or parcel.
2. The employee in charge checks the attachments and supporting documents and reviews the controls and conditions pertaining to the service. The request is processed by the State Security Service (when the bag contains money or a passport-issuing device) for security clearances, attaching the approval number and a copy.
3. The system approves the request
4. The approval is sent to MoFA's office in the visits section at Abu Dhabi Airport, through which the following bodies will be notified:
Abu Dhabi Airports Customs
Abu Dhabi Airport Security Police Department
Regarding arrival at Dubai Airport, the approval is sent to the Dubai sub-office to notify the General Directorate of Airport Security - Dubai.
5. A notification of completion of the application will be sent to the mission by e-mail.


Service Fees
Free service
Service Type
Sub Service - Procedural
Service Time
15 working days
Total Transactions

Service Beneficiaries

  • Foreign Missions in UAE

Required Documents

  • Diplomatic Note from the Sending or Receiving Mission
  • Luggage Content Description Form
  • Luggage Holder Passport Copy - For Individual Luggage Couriers
  • Shipping Policy - For Shipping Company Luggage Couriers

Service Application Channels

Service Delivery Channels

Service Procedures

Service steps

Sustainable Development Goals

Laws and procedures followed by UAE’s port security

User Guide

Terms and Conditions

  • The conditions and laws mentioned in Circular No. (109) of 2012
  • Meeting the following conditions is mandatory:

    • An official document from the diplomatic mission or the sending country proving the identity of the bag holder.
    • An original official letter or certificate that includes the following:
       - Number of parcels within the bag
       - The seal and emblem of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mission or the sending organization
    • Acknowledgment that the bag includes correspondence, documents and official materials for official use only, signed by the head of the sending diplomatic mission or any other authorized person

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