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Consular Services and Visas

Diplomatic Identity Card Services

How can I obtain the Unified Number?

• By presenting a passport copy to the Embassy representative of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

How long does it take to issue the Identity Card?

• Fifteen (15) working days

How long is the Card valid for?

• Four years

Is it necessary to present a police report when the Identity Card is lost?

• Yes

What documents are required to apply for the Diplomatic Identity Cards service?

• Mission's Note with Embassy Stamp • Coloured copy of passport with entry stamp • Personal photo with white background • Visa copy (if any)

What are the terms and conditions to apply for Diplomatic Identity Cards service?

• Mission's Note is proving that the applicant is working for the Mission. • The Mission must ensure that the staff member does not have a valid residence visa on their passport when applying for the card. • Check the passport expiry date to ensure that it does not exceed six months.

What are the Diplomatic Identity Cards application channels?

• MoFA Website:  • Smart Mobile App: (UAE MOFA)

What are the Diplomatic Identity Card service fees?

• They are free of charge.

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