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MOFA Scholarship Program

Scholarship Overview

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) provides a scholarship program for outstanding Emirati students who wish to pursue their academic journey abroad at one of the world's top prestigious international universities, with the aim of specializing in fields that meet the needs of the UAE diplomatic corps, and enriching it with qualified Emirati personnel and a generation trained to the highest standards.

Program Objectives

  • Preparing qualified national competencies among scholarship students who will contribute to shaping and pioneering the future of UAE diplomacy.
  • Developing diplomatic leaders capable of positively influencing the international arena.
  • Providing scholarship students with the necessary skills and competencies to become pioneers and change-makers in the UAE’s foreign policy.
  • Instilling a culture of innovation and excellence in the field of diplomacy, which contributes to promoting positive change and continuous development.
  • Enabling scholarship students to achieve unprecedented achievements in the diplomatic corps, by providing them with tools that help them excel and support the UAE’s journey.

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  • Scholarship Program eligibility and conditions of acceptance

    First: Scholarship Program eligibility and conditions of acceptance

  • Must be UAE nationals (holders of UAE passports and family book).
  • Must provide a certificate of Good Conduct and Behavior from the relevant official in the UAE.
  • Must be from 17 to 22 years old and have a legal guardian’s approval.
  • Must have a high school diploma, according to the following conditions:
    Stream Type Admission Requirements
    • General Stream - Ministry of Education
    • General Technical Stream
    90% and above
    • American System
    • Other Systems
    • 90% and above
    • Provide a school transcript listing all related instructional subjects
    • Advanced Stream - Ministry of Education
    • Advanced Technical Stream
    • SABIS System
    •85% and above
    • Elite Stream - Ministry of Education
    • Advanced Science Program
    •80% and above
    • British System / IGSCE
    • Completion of (5) IGCSE / GCSE subjects with a B grade or higher and (2) As/A Levels subjects with a C grade or higher
    • Provide a school transcript listing all related instructional subjects
    • International Baccalaureate – IB • Completion of the IB diploma with a minimum grade average of 30 points or higher
    • Provide a school transcript listing all related science subjects


  • Applicants must have an IELTS (Academic Module) band score of 6.5 or above, or equivalent.
  • Applicants must hold an acceptance letter from the university (universities listed here and approved by MoFA).
  • Applicants must agree to study a third language, if required or requested.
  • To provide a certificate of exemption/termination from national service for male students.
  • Applicants must agree to join the UAE diplomatic corps at the MoFA for a period that is equivalent to the number of academic years necessary to obtain their degree under the program.
  • Applicants agree to join Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA) upon graduation.
  • Applicants must provide parental consent to join the scholarship program.
  • Note: The admission procedure will include a number of tests, interviews, and other conditions

    Required Documents

    Second: Required Documents

  • Valid Passport copy (including the last page showing the unified number).
  • Family Book copy.
  • Emirates ID copy, both sides.
  • Birth Certificate copy.
  • Colored personal photograph.
  • Transcripts copy for grades Ten, Eleven and the first term of grade Twelve (first or last term if available) attested by relevant entities as applicable.
  • Direct academic acceptance, unconditional to other requirements, in a specific specialty, institution, and country for MoFA scholarship, indicating the start and end dates, and the total cost of the program.
  • Medical examination certificate (the medical examination form is available in the application and can be certified by any government hospital/medical center within the UAE).
  • National service status certificate for male students.
  • A certificate from the bank inside the country under the student’s name indicating the international bank account number after obtaining final approval. *If the applicant is accepted*
  • Parental approval for students under 22 years old of age (according to the Personal Affairs Law).
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  • English language certificates with scores for one of the tests mentioned in the "First paragraph above”
  • University admission letter.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct and Behavior.
  • *Note: Please attach the required documents in a PDF format upon registration (Click Here to register)

    Student’s Journey

    Third: Student’s journey to the diplomatic corps following admission

  • First Stage: Scholarship to study abroad for a Bachelor's degree.
  • Second Stage: Enrollment in AGDA's Post-Graduate Diploma in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations program.
  • Final Stage: Joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and being appointed to the diplomatic corps after fulfilling graduation requirements.
  • List of Universities, Countries and Specializations

    Click here to preview list of universities, countries and specializations 
    Universities List


    1) How can I track my application, and when will I know if it has been approved?
    The applicant will be notified via email or SMS of any updates on the application status.

    2) What is the waiting period for the final acceptance after applying?
    The applicant will receive updates on the application status via email or SMS. Typically, the procedures take 3 to 5 months.

    3) What are the universities and specializations required in the scholarship program?
    The required universities and specializations list is available on the scholarship program page.

    4) Does the scholarship program apply to high school graduates from previous years who have not pursued their studies?
    The scholarship program is designed for high school graduates aged 17 to 22.

    5) Will the program cover all educational expenses, and what allowances are provided to the scholarship student?
    Yes, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs covers all expenses incurred by the scholarship student.

    6) What if I want to change my specialization or the country of study?
    Please, contact the relevant person at the Ministry and inform them of your desired changes. Additionally, notify the cultural attaché to initiate the necessary actions.

    7) Is the personal interview a mandatory requirement to obtain the scholarship?


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