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Airport Entry Permit Issuance

This service is provided to missions wishing to apply for permanent or temporary entry permits to enter Abu Dhabi International Airport or Dubai International Airport to welcome official delegations visiting the UAE. Permanent permits are issued for one year and are renewable on a yearly basis, while temporary permits are issued to welcome or bid farewell to guests and VIPs during official visits only.



Customer’s Journey (Clarification)

The mission can apply for an Airport Entry Permit on MoFA Website: or via the smartphone application using the following steps:

  • Enter the username and password
  • Select the permit type (permanent – temporary)
  • Select the airport (Abu Dhabi – Dubai)
  • Select the areas in the airport that need to be accessed through the permit (In case of a temporary permit, select period of access)
  • Enter full data of permit owner, and permit purpose
  • Attach required documents to complete the application
  • Once submitted, the customer will receive a notification confirming that the request is under process
  • When the permit is issued, the customer will be notified to collect it from the security permits section at Sky Park building in Abu Dhabi International Airport (Customer must present an ID as proof that they are a staff member of the embassy)
  • For Dubai International Airport entry permits, please visit the Security Clearance Section in Dubai International Airport to collect the permit

Service Fees
• At Abu Dhabi Airport, there are no fees for permit issuance. • At Dubai International Airport, members of diplomatic missions accredited to the UAE, who hold Diplomatic, Consular or Special ID Cards issued by MOFA, will be issued the permit without fees. • As for non-diplomats holding residence visas and sponsored by a diplomatic mission, the permit shall be issued for a period of one year, for a fee of AED3020. • Temporary permits are issued according to scheduled flights, to welcome and bid farewell to guests or as replacement for another staff member until initial permit holders return from vacation, the permit is issued for free.
Service Type
Procedural - Sub-Service
Service Time
7-15 Working Days
Total Transactions

Service Beneficiaries

  • Holders of diplomatic identity cards
  • Holders of International Organizations Identity Cards
  • Holders of Special Identity Cards
  • Employees under the embassy’s sponsorship

Required Documents

  • A personal photograph (passport size 6*4) with a white background
  • A colour copy of the passport
  • A copy of the ID issued by MoFA or a colour copy of the residence visa
  • A colour copy of the unified number page on the passport (for UAE nationals and GCC citizens) when applicable
  • The applicant must fill and sign the information form for security clearance. For Abu Dhabi International Airport: fill the information form for a Permanent Airport Entry Permit or Temporary Airport Entry Permit. For Dubai International Airport, the applicant must complete and sign the information form for security clearance

Service Application Channels

Service Delivery Channels

Service Procedures

Service steps

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Terms and Conditions

  • Entry permits are issued only to holders of Diplomatic or Consular ID cards
  • The number of airport entry permits granted to the mission and areas to be accessed within the airport depending on the rules and procedures observed at both Abu Dhabi International Airport and Dubai International Airport. When filling the Abu Dhabi Airport permits form, please ensure:
  • The form is duly and comprehensively filled with all necessary information. No field must be left blank. In case the information is not available, write (N/A), followed by the employee’s signature and the embassy’s stamp
  • Upon completing the “Permanent Airport Entry Permit Application” form, write the Diplomatic, Consular or Special ID card number issued by MOFA in the "Residence Visa Number" field
  • Application forms must be filled in Arabic for Arabic speaking staff members and in English for non-Arabic speaking staff members
  • This service is limited to Foreign Missions, and International Organizations accredited to UAE

For Enquiries

Please call our call center or

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