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E-participation Policy

The purpose of the e-Participation Policy is to outline the necessary rules and regulations to state the use of e-Participation tools, explain the procedures and responsibilities resulting of its use as a recognized reference to managing all aspects of e-participation accurately in a manner that ensures achieving its objectives.

In addition to specifying the regulations of the articles posted on social media sites and the website, it shall adhere to applicable federal and local laws, regulations and policies to ensure that all published information and content are general data, as stated in the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (21 of 2013) regarding taking all precautions to guarantee the safety of their data and IT assets and the continuity of service of the ministry.

Scope of Implementation

E-Participation Policy applies to all subjects, opinions, discussions, and opinion polls published or exchanged through E-Participation tools provided on The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, whether submitted or shared through computers, smartphones or tablets.

E-Participation Policy and Procedures

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to handle all public opinions, suggestions, and contributions through certain procedures as follows:
  • Before approving publication, the E-Participation management team receives, studies, and analyzes customer participations.
  • Notifying the user of receiving his participation, via SMS, e-mail, or via phone call in some exceptional cases
  • Referring the participation to the concerned department to study and provide feedback
  • Notifying the user of the results of the participation.

Public rights regarding E-Participation

  • The public has the right to know the results of the surveys and opinion polls occasionally published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Receive a notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming receipt of his participation by any means deemed appropriate.
  • Inquire about the status of the complaint, suggestion, or participation presented through any channel provided by the Ministry.
  • Obtain data related to the E-Participation tools in open data format that can be copied and downloaded.

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