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Zina "the youngest Emirati child to return to the homeland.

Tue 09/6/2020

Category: Collaboration

The Emirati ambassador to the country, Saqr Nasser Al-Raisi, revealed the success of the embassy’s efforts, with close follow-up from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in the continuous coordination of the Ministry’s Operations Center with the competent authorities, to return the youngest Emirati child from Kuwait to the homeland despite the suspension of commercial flights in the past period to prevent the spread of the virus Corona, pointing out that the embassy issued an emergency passport for the child "Zina", the daughter of Emirati citizen Dr. Abdullah Al-Amiri, who was born in April 2020. In a press statement, Al-Raisi indicated that the beginning was in July 2019, when Doctor Abdullah Al-Amiri went to the United States of America to accept him as a year of privilege in the Cleveland Hospital program, leaving his Kuwaiti wife and child in Kuwait with her parents due to the long working conditions and hours. And he decided to devote his time to work diligently until the time of the birth of his daughter Zina, so that he could spend the longest time possible with his family upon his return to the country, but in March 2020, with the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the doctor returned to the UAE due to the current conditions and joined the first rows to confront the virus and decided to complete a year Franchise in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. He pointed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs's keenness to evacuate the citizens of the United Arab Emirates and facilitate all necessary measures to return them and their companions to the homeland safely, in coordination with the embassies and representative missions of the state abroad and the concerned authorities, extending sincere thanks and appreciation to the competent authorities in sisterly Kuwait for their unlimited and fruitful cooperation with the embassy In order to facilitate the procedures for the return of the little girl Zeina, in addition to the 33 citizens of the state and their relatives.

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