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A virtual meeting entitled "We are all with you" to coincide with the International Day of Autism

Fri 02/4/2021

Coinciding with World Autism Day, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the State of Kuwait, in coordination with the Sharjah Autism Center in the Emirates and the Kuwait Autism Center in Kuwait, held a virtual meeting entitled "We are all with you". The symposium was attended by His Excellency Dr. Matar Hamed Al-Niyadi, the Country's Ambassador, and Dr. Seham Adel, Director of the Sharjah Autism Center, Ms. Sheikha Al-Subaihi, Vice President of the Kuwait Autism Center, Ms. Khazna Al-Hadrami, a Consultant and Program Director, and Ms. Aroub Burhama, head of the Social Service Department.

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