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  • The United Arab Emirates is the most important trading partner of Switzerland in the Middle East, and it is also considered a true regional center, and it is an important and suitable place for Swiss companies that have established their headquarters in the UAE in order to conduct their regional business activity from the UAE due to the favorable investment conditions for works there and this is evident.
  • Through equity accumulated investments, which reached 15 billion Swiss francs (60 billion dirhams) at the end of 2018. 
  • The volume of trade exchange between the UAE and Switzerland amounted to about 20 billion Swiss francs per year (80 billion dirhams).
     The trade volume for 2019 reached a total of 19.2 billion Swiss francs (76. billion dirhams)
  • The growth of Swiss exports to the UAE increased strongly in parallel with the economic recovery in the UAE, and Switzerland exports mainly stones and precious metals, watches, jewelry and pharmaceutical products, and Switzerland is ranked seventh in terms of the relative importance of the volume of the UAE's foreign trade with the world with a value of 11,061.4 million dollars and a relative weight of 3.8%.
  • Switzerland ranked seventh in terms of the importance of exporting countries to the UAE, with a value of $ 6411.11 million, and it ranked ninth with $ 2,368.6 million for the importance of countries re-exported to it from the UAE.
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