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  • The relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland is a close relationship in all fields since the founding of the United Arab Emirates federation by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, through regular high-level visits and many agreements were concluded Bilateral relations between the two countries. 
  • With the approaching date of the Expo 2020, the largest event, Switzerland was one of the first countries to announce its participation in this event, which reflects the depth of relations between the two friendly countries.
  • The diplomatic relations between the UAE and Switzerland are described as relations of friendship and cooperation, as the relations between the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland regulate many bilateral agreements: 

- The Investment Protection Agreement (1998)

- The Air Transport Agreement (1999) 

- An agreement to abolish the visa requirement for passport holders Diplomatic travel or service (2010)

-   Double taxation agreement (2011) 

- In 2014, the Free Trade Agreement between the European Association (EFTA) and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries entered into force. 

  • Switzerland enjoys a good reputation in the United Arab Emirates and a travel destination for Emirati citizens, and this applies inversely to Swiss citizens who visit the UAE.
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