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  • Tourism movement between the United Arab Emirates and Switzerland has been witnessing a steady increase in recent years, as the number of Swiss tourists increased to nearly 100,000 tourists annually, and by the end of 2018, the number of Swiss citizens reached 2,957 Swiss citizens residing in the UAE.
  • This reflects the depth of relations in the field of tourism between the two countries, in addition to several other factors, as there is a safe tourism environment for tourists, in addition to the strong infrastructure, high-quality and standard hotel and service sectors, and various entertainment offers for all ages, in addition to the appropriate and moderate atmosphere during the winter season, which attracts Swiss tourist. 
  • The health sector in the United Arab Emirates is characterized by high quality, as hospitals equipped with the latest equipment and technologies are available throughout the country, in addition to pharmacies that are widely available, in addition to the speed of response and smoothness by health authorities and emergency services. 
  • The United Arab Emirates has one of the best hotel sectors in the region, if not the best in terms of quality and high level of services, in addition to the availability of all price groups for hotels, which encourages tourists to think of the UAE directly when they want to travel and tourism. 
  • There is a flourishing air transport between the UAE and Switzerland, as Emirates Airlines has two daily flights to and from Zurich Airport, and Etihad Airways has a daily flight to and from Zurich Airport, in addition to the number of daily flights throughout the week for Emirates Airlines to and from Geneva Airport, as well as a daily flight throughout the week for a flight of Etihad Airways to and from Geneva Airport, meaning that there are five daily flights between the Emirates and Switzerland, which is a high rate for passenger traffic, in addition to daily air cargo flights, which contribute to facilitating the flow of goods and their ease of movement around the world.
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