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His Excellency Head of mission Mahash Saeed Salem Mahash AlHameli

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• Honorary Professor from the University of Kaysariya Musk Wensis (Russia - 2000) • Honorary Doctorate from the Casa Cavitas Avis Institute of Music Wences (Russia - 2000) Positions: • Director of Military Security, Armed Forces • Director of Air Force Intelligence • Aviation Squadron Commander/ Air Wing • Information Officer/ Security and Air Reconnaissance Division • Aerial reconnaissance corner/ Air Security and Reconnaissance Division • Head of Reconnaissance Division/ Air Security and Reconnaissance Division • Head of Intelligence Division/ Intelligence and Air Security Division • Head of the Air Force Intelligence and Air Security Division • Director of the International Security Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Decorations and Medals: • Abu Dhabi Defense Force Medal • Good Service Medal, First Class (United Arab Emirates 1/12/1997) • Good Service Medal from the first class for the second time (United Arab Emirates 1/12/2002) • Distinguished Long Service Medal, First Class, for the first time (United Arab Emirates 1/21/2002 • Kuwait Liberation Medal of the third degree (State of Kuwait 5/23/1992) • Medal of the fifteenth anniversary of the unification of the armed forces (United Arab Emirates) • The Armed Forces Unification Medal (United Arab Emirates) • 30 Years Good Service Medal (United Arab Emirates) • Medal of Air Merit (United States of America - Air Force) • Medal of Honorable Service (United States of America - US Army) • Medal of Honor of the Joint Forces of the General Staff of the Italian Defense (Italy)

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