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  • Greece has many options available to tourists from all over the world. The Greek economy is also heavily dependent on tourism, where about 22.5 million tourists visit the country each year, and tourism represents about 18% of Greece's economy.

  • There are many ancient places in Greece dating back to the time of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, and there are beautiful natural places, forests and beautiful beaches in order to spend the summer holidays. 

  • Athens city (the capital) Athens is the capital and largest city of the Hellenic Republic, surrounded on three sides by a series of mountain peaks "Emito", "Pendili" and "Barnathas". On the fourth side, it overlooks the Saronico Gulf, which reaches the Mediterranean Sea. 

  • Thessaloniki The second largest city in Greece, and is considered the main and economic, industrial and commercial center, and the main transportation center for the rest of southeastern Europe, and its commercial port is of great importance for Greece and the southeast European regions. The city is known for its festivals, events and vibrant cultural life in general, and is considered the cultural capital of Greece. - Greek islands: Tourism in Greece thrives in the summer annually, especially in the Greek islands, which is an important tourist attraction. The number of Greek islands is more than two thousand, of which 227 are inhabited, among the most famous of these islands: 

    • Crete  It is the largest Greek island, and it occupies the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking the Aegean Sea in the south, and it has great cultural importance, and its mountain ranges planted with olive groves, vine, corn, and tobacco extend from east to west and bordered by rocky beaches, and it has a strategic position Important because of its proximity to the three continents of the ancient world: Asia, Africa, and Europe, which made it an important commercial repository, and a crossroads of civilizations peoples throughout the ages. An excellent choice for families.

    • Mykonos Island: The Island is characterized by its small streets, white corridors, and buildings of classical architectural style. The island is filled with restaurants, amusement parks, youthful life, various entertainment places, and charming hotels. * Santorini Island It is characterized by its beautiful scenery, and its white houses, which are filled with restaurants and hotels, as it is the suitable destination for those who wish to witness the beauty of the sunset, as tourists come to enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

    • Rhodes Island: The Greek island of Rhodes is one of the most beautiful islands of the world, located in the Mediterranean near the coast of Turkey, and is known for its history and civilization, as it contained the statue of Rhodes, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world, and is considered the most prominent tourist island of great importance in Greece. This island is famous for its historical fame over long ages. 
  • The most famous museums: 
  • Athens: National Archaeological Museum, the Acropolis Museum Benaki, Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art Averof Floating Warship Museum,

  • Thessaloniki: Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, Museum of Modern Arts, Photo Museum, the White Castle Museum

  • Corfu Island: Corfu Museum of Asian Art *Santorini Island: Thira Museum


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