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  • Cultural relations between the UAE and the Hellenic Republic have witnessed remarkable development in the recent period, especially through high-level mutual visits and events held between the two countries. The UAE Embassy, within the framework of the role played by the UAE’s cultural diplomacy in consolidating relations between friendly countries, coordinated and organized cultural events in Greece, with the aim of highlighting bilateral relations between the two countries and enhancing culture, friendship and rapprochement between the Emirati and Greek peoples.
  • The Emirati-Greek Cultural Week was held in 2018 amid the presence and interaction of the Emirati and Greek audiences.

    The week's activities varied to include an exhibition that reflects images of traditional social life, a joint exhibition between Emirati and Greek art, and academic fields through discussions and introductory presentations, in addition to the screening of the first Emirati film "ShababSheyab" in Greek cinema, and popular dances by the Al-Mazyoud Military Band.

    The activities of the week, which has been organised for the first time in Athens, were organized by the UAE Embassy in Greece, and in coordination with Zayed University, the Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Communications and Media, and the National University of Athens - Kapodistrias. With the participation of artist Maysoon Al Saleh, Al Mazyoud Military Band, Image Nation Abu Dhabi, and Greek artist Christos Indononaropoulos.
  • The Sharjah Institute for Heritage organized the Traditional Song Forum between the Emirates and Greece on the stage of the Center for International Organizations for Cultural Heritage at the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, in October 2021, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the University of Athens.

    The forum included a video presentation on the Emirati art of Al-Taghrooda, detailed explanations, and scenes of collective singing in Greece, Greek church music, musical instruments, and traditional weddings. The event stressed the importance of preserving and documenting the artistic heritage. 

    The Greek participation focused on the traditional Greek art of Glinda and comparing it to the Emirati art of Al-Taghrooda,in terms of each of them relying on singing a special style of poetic meter.
  • The United Arab Emirates participated in the 86th session of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition 2022 in the Hellenic Republic, where the country participated as a guest of honor in the exhibition, making it the first Arab country to participate in this honorary capacity.

    The UAE Pavilion received a wide response and was visited by thousands of visitors during the exhibition period, where they learned about the features of the UAE economy and its various investment opportunities in various sectors. The visitors also witnessed the various activities held by the pavilion, which reflect the culture and authentic heritage of the UAE.

    Over the course of 9 days, the Emirati pavilion included cultural and heritage shows, including Arabic calligraphy, fine painting, henna engraving, falconry and folk arts shows, in addition to serving popular food and Emirati coffee throughout the exhibition period.
  • The Emirate of Sharjah is preparing to carry Emirati and Arab culture to the Hellenic Republic, opening a renewed horizon for dialogue between Greek civilization and its Arab counterpart, as Sharjah will be the guest of honor at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair, which will be held in Thessaloniki during the period May 16-19, 2024.

    Sharjah's hosting of the Thessaloniki International Book Fair is a new gateway that the emirate opens to Emirati and Arab culture, to establish an open and fruitful dialogue with European civilization, with its Greek depth, and its extended roots in various countries of the Mediterranean basin.
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