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General Instructions Official Guide and advisories for Travelers to Egypt:

Cash Allowances upon Arrival and Departure: 

Pursuant to provisions of the Central Bank and the Monetary Authority Law

  • Entry and exit of foreign currencies are guaranteed for all travelers, provided that amount of such currencies shall be revealed upon arrival and departure in case it exceeds an amount of 10000 US Dollars or its equivalent in other currencies
  • Travelers arriving or departing from the Egyptian territories are allowed to carry a cash limit of EGP 5000 (Five Thousand Egyptian Pounds)
  • It is prohibited to bring or send the Egyptian currency through postal and courier mails. Driving inside Egypt 

Those who wants to drive a car in Egypt must obtain an international driving license. Foreigners and Non-Egyptians are not allowed to drive cars with a local license issued from their countries [Excluding states with which Egypt concluded of driver's license equivalency agreements] as to avoid imprisonment and fines prescribed by the Egyptian Driving Law

Prohibitions Travelers upon arrival and departure shall not:

  • Possess or carry any monuments
  • Possess or carry gold or precious stones exceeding limits of personal use. Kindly take into consideration that imported items shall be subjected to custom fees each according to its type, even if it is imported for personal use
  • In case of facing any problems or obstacles related to the customs procedures, kindly contact our Embassy immediately to take the necessary actions

Instructions and advisories to the Emirati students in Arab Republic of Egypt:

The Emirati students in Egypt are requested to:

  • Notify the Cultural Attaché of their residence and telephone numbers upon their arrival.
  • Inform the Attaché, before leaving their place of study, with date of traveling, name of the company and the flight number.
  • For more instructions, please contact the cultural attaché of UAE in Cairo. UAE Attaché Address: 96 El Alamein St. off Ahmed Oraby St., Mohandeseen.
  • Tel. +20233461020/ +20233461021/ + 20233461033 Fax. +20233461044/ +20233461032 Website: 

Instructions and advisories to the Emirati patients having their treatment in A.R.E:

  • It is preferable to contact the Health Attaché before the patient's arrival to Egypt to provide the necessary medical advice and recommendations.
  • Kindly contact the Health Attaché upon arrival to book patient's medical appointments.
  • Inform the Attaché of place of residence and number of patient's companions.
  • Inform the Attaché of the traveling date of the patient or any of his/her companions.
  • In event of emergencies, communicate with the Health Attaché. Health Attaché of UAE Embassy in Cairo: 2 Al Batal Medhat Abdel Hamid St. off Fawzy Rammah St. Mohandeseen. Tel.: +20233034496 / +20233034495 Fax: +20233034497

Emirati Citizens' Servants Emirati Citizens coming with their servants to Egypt shall comply with the following: 

  • Servant residence permit must indicate the name of the sponsor.
  • Servant shall not arrive before the sponsor.
  • Servant's residence permit shall bear no other names except name of the sponsor.
  • Servant's residence permit shall be valid and effective inside UAE.
  • It is permissible to obtain a visa for the servant from Cairo Airport against $15 (Only fifteen dollars or its equivalent in other currencies).
  • The sponsor shall not travel without his servant; otherwise, the sponsor's visa shall be cancelled.
  • Kindly adhere to arrival and departure dates stated in the flight tickets; otherwise, a fine shall be paid for changing to another airline upon his desire. In cases of emergency, please contact: 0020237766101 / 0020237766102 / 0020237766103.
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