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Bilateral Relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Singapore 

  • Diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirate and the Republic of Singapore date 1985. the UAE and Singapore later signed an economic, trade and technical cooperation pact that called for collaboration in areas such as trade, industry, transport and logistics services, infrastructure development, oil and gas services, education, tourism and investment. Since then UAE has signed numerous agreements with Singapore.
  • Bilateral relations between Singapore and the UAE are substantive, warm, genuine, as well as mutual respect with the intention to and serve the interest of both counties. The relationship between both countries has steadily grown year by year in both scope and depth and spanning in many different areas of cooperation. The number of Singapore companies working in UAE reached more than 600, operating in the field of infrastructure, real state, communications, transportation, water treatment, information technology and trades. 
  • In February 2019, the Singapore and the UAE have signed a Comprehensive Partnership. The Singapore-UAE Comprehensive Partnership (SUCP) is a framework to deepen existing areas of cooperation and catalyse new ones for the mutual benefit and interests of both countries such as trade, investment, defense, security, as well as sustainable development.
  • The UAE now ranks among the top destinations for Singapore investment in the region, and UAE is the region's top trading partner of Singapore since 2012. Trade and investment between both UAE and Singapore have been growing steadily in the recent years. The total trade between both countries reached S$13 Billion in 2020.
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