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Citizens of the United Arab Emirates, are not required to take visa to enter Kingdom of Bahrain, but the rest of visitors to the Kingdom of other nationalities must obtain a visa to enter.

In order to ensure a respectable representation of the country abroad that befit United Arab Emirates nationals and to maintain a pleasant stay in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the embassy provides you some advice and guidance:

  • Be sure to respect all laws and regulations as well as any applicable rules in the kingdom.
  • Commitment to the decisions and precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain related to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, in case of any inquiries, contact the hotline (444).
  • Comply with traffic signs and the applicable driving rules in case of arriving by car or using a vehicle to tour around during your stay in the country.
  • Check your passport validity to ensure that you have sufficient duration of validity, at least not less than six months beyond your actual inbound and outbound travel period.
  • The national identity card is accepted as valid travel documents between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain; however, it is highly recommended you keep your passport number, family book or identification document for reference or when you need to process with the mission in case of loss.

Visitors' Guide:

The Kingdom of Bahrain has many historical, cultural, and tourist attractions and shopping malls for more information you can visit

There are a group of government and private hospitals that provide medical services:

1. Salmaniya Medical Complex999 / 0097317284090/ 0097317284080.
2. Military hospital(BDF): 00973177669800
3. -King Hamad University Hospital00973177444444

The most important universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE:

1. University of Bahrain:
2. Arabian Gulf University:
3. royal College of Surgeons in Ireland:

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