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  • The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain's have historic ties that helped in the growth and development of the constants shared visions that combine between the two countries. It is relationships that stem specificity of kinship and intimacy and relationships distinguished brotherly among their leadership, as well as in common between the two countries common bonds, both in the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council, or in the Arab and Islamic frameworks. So, it was not surprising that the UAE supports - and the extension of humanitarian and development prior to their positions - all political, security and economic potential of Bahrain on various issues and trend.

  • The trade exchange between the UAE and Bahrain, more than two billion dollars.
    These relations are gaining great importance in light of the enjoyment of the two political heavily geographic and strategic location distinguished regional and global levels, and adaptation of foreign policy rational, balanced and moderate, and being pioneer example in the areas of democracy, human rights and the implementation of the ambitious policies of reform, development and modernization and dedicate a state of institutions and law models in the region.

  • In addition of the multiplicity and diversity of the UAE Bahraini relations - the UAE the leadership had agreed on the establishment of the UAE - Bahrain supreme   cooperation committee in 2000 to allocate the sufficient ways and Opportunities to development and improvement of mutual benefits for both countries in all segment and sectors.

  • Also, the political action is mutual to all events and issues that affect the Gulf, Arab and Islamic world and international world.
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