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Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Jakarta

  •  The official diplomatic relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Indonesia began in 1976.
  • The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Jakarta was inaugurated in Jakarta on 10June 1991.
  • The UAE Red Crescent office in Jakarta was opened in 1997, the Consular Office of UAE was opened in Jakarta on August 2014, and the Military Attaches Office was opened on April 2019.

About The Embassy

The Ambassador


Phone Number

(+62) 215206518


Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Blok C-4 Kav. 16-17, Kuningan Timur, Jakarta Selatan, 12950

Working Hours

From: 9

To: 16

Weekend Days

Saturday and Sunday

Citizens Affairs


Official Holidays

Official holiday In Indonesia 2020:

New Year : 1 January

Chinese New Year : 25 February

Isra and Miraj : 22 March

Nyepi : 25 March

Good Friday : 10 April

World Labor Day : 1 May

Vesak day : 7 May

Ascension Day of Jesus : 21 May

Eid Al Fitr : 22-27 May 

Pancasila Day : 1 June 

Eid Al Adha : 31 July

Independence Day : 17 August

Islamic new Year : 20 August 

Prophet Muhammad Birthday : 29 October

Christmas Day : 24-25 December

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