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  • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates are granted visa free to enter the People's Republic of China (valid for a period of 30 days only)
  • Every Emirati citizen arrives in the People's Republic of China shall contact the UAE Embassy in Beijing or the UAE Consulate General in Shanghai or the UAE Consulate General in Guangzhou or the UAE Consulate General in Hong Kong and register at the service Twajwdi of the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide them with the required information and staying places in order to get help in case of any emergency situation. 
  • When the citizen in China takes taxis, he shall ask for invoices when arriving at the destinations. The invoice has the driver’s number and plate number of the taxi so as to contact the taxi company and the driver in case of losing valuables.
  • The valid period of the visa (30 days), if there is no legal extension of the staying period under the related authorities, the citizen will be imposed on a fine of 500 yuan for each day of delay to a maximum of 10,000 yuan, even up to an imprisonment for 5 to 15 days.
  • The Dirham cannot be used in the People's Republic of China, so it must be exchanged with US dollars or euro before reaching China.
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