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  • The UAE-China relations have reached its peak across various domains in recent years, including cultural ties.
  • During the Chinese president’s visit to the UAE in 2018, 13 agreements and memoranda of understanding were signed, including cooperation in culture. This led to the establishment of a Chinese cultural center in the UAE and a UAE cultural center in China. Currently, efforts are underway to establish the Chinese Cultural Center in the Emirates.
  • It is noteworthy that within the comprehensive strategic partnership connecting the UAE and China, cultural collaboration stands out as a vital component, alongside economic and commercial cooperation.
  • Numerous governmental and private entities in both countries are actively engaged in promoting and disseminating each other’s cultural heritage.
  • The Emirati and Chinese leaderships are committed to bolstering public cultural and diplomatic ties between their peoples.
  • The UAE’s vibrant celebration of the Chinese Spring Festival annually, along with the active participation of the Chinese community in the Emirates’ major festivities, underscores the depth of cultural exchange.
  • Moreover, educational ties between the two countries are expanding significantly, serving as a crucial pillar of their cultural relations. There has been a notable surge in student exchanges and cooperation between universities and educational organizations, aimed at sharing expertise between the two countries. This trend is particularly pronounced given the UAE’s integral role as a partner in the Belt and Road Initiative, championed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. This initiative emphasizes not only economic cooperation but also cultural and civilizational integration among participating countries.
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