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  • The UAE-China relations reach the climax in all fields in recent years as well as the relations between the two countries in the field of culture. 
  • In 2018 during the Chinese president’s visit to the UAE, 13 agreements and memoranda of understanding were signed; including cooperation in the field of culture and the opening of a Chinese cultural center in the UAE and a UAE cultural center in China and now the Chinese Cultural Center in the Emirates is under establishing. 
  • It is worth mentioning that, in light of the comprehensive strategic partnership that connects the UAE and China, the cultural partnership is one of the most important factors in this partnership as well as the economic and commercial partnership. 
  • There are many Chinese and UAE governmental and private bodies and institutions in both countries working to enhance and transfer the image of the culture of the two countries. 
  • The Emirati and Chinese leaderships are also focusing on working to strengthen public cultural and diplomatic ties between the two friendly peoples. 
  • The UAE celebrates Chinese Spring Festival every year in a grand way, as well as the participation of the Chinese community in the Emirates in their most important annual celebrations. 
  • Both countries are working to increase educational connection as well, which is an essential pillar of cultural relations. 
  • There is a significant increase in terms of student exchange and cooperation between universities and educational organizations in all forms to exchange experience between the two countries in this field, and especially since the UAE is an effective partner in the Belt and Road Initiative launched by the Chinese President Xi Jinping which focuses not only on economic cooperation, but also on civilization and cultural integration between the belt and road countries.
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