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  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered the first largest trading partner in the Arab world and the third in the world with the United Arab Emirates, as the UAE acquired the largest share by 67.8%, with a total of $ 20 Billion Dollars out of the total trade exchange between the KSA and the Gulf countries, which amounts to 26.36 Billion Dollars roughly.

  • Gold, food industries and re-exported products represented in mobile phones and wireless devices are amongst the most important exports of the UAE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while petroleum oils, some food industries, clothes and some types of mineral and petrochemical products are the major exports of the UAE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • The value of the UAE’s investments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia amounted to more than $ 9.26 Billion Dollars. Furthermore, Saudi direct investments in the UAE exceeded $ 4.36 Billion Dollars, noting that there are about "4004" Saudi Arabian trademarks, 73 commercial agencies and 26 companies registered in the UAE.
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