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Economic & Commercial Relations: 

  • Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the trade exchange between the United Arab Emirates and Canada has been increased to closeto 3 billion Canadian dollars in 2023, at a time when the circle of mutual investments is still expanding with the diversification and increase of the financial investments of Canadian companies in various sectors of the UAE economy. Notably, the UAE, through its global institutions, has become one of the most important international investors in Canada. 
  • Bilateral trade relations between the United Arab Emirates and Canada have been characterized by continued growth, development and expansion in the context of global trade, which is one of the arteries of the two countries' economies, as bilateral economic ties have been strengthened with the United Arab Emirates maintaining its prestigious status as one of the Canada's most important trading partner in the East and North Africa region (MENA).
  • In addition to trade exchange, there are many international Canadian companies that have been active for several years in various economic sectors in the United Arab Emirates, including petroleum and natural gas, manufacturing, food industries, health and education services, banking and financial services, and hotels & tourism, to name a few with billions of dollars in investment.
  • Emirati companies represent some of largest investors in the Canadian economy, with investments standing at appropriately 30 billion dollars, led by the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) in the Canadian sector of petroleum and natural gas, which represents nearly two-thirds of the total Emirati investments in Canada.
  • There is also the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Investments Company (IPIC) in the Canadian chemical and plastics sector, DP World, which operates a number of ports in western and eastern Canada, and several other Emirati companies with a presence in Canada.
  • All of these are indicators that confirm the strength of the economic and trade relations existing between the United Arab Emirates and Canada, and their expansion over the years, with an overwhelming optimistic outlook towards the future.
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