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Consular Affairs

Visa Procedures

  • Passport photocopy is sent to sponsor
  • Sponsor applies to relevant authorities on behalf of passport-holder 
  • Sponsor sends entry visa to passport-holder after taking entry visa. Passport-holder may enter to the UAE by presenting the entry visa   

Except citizens of countries of Gulf Cooperation Council and some countries which are designated at the link below, all others are subject to visa requirement. 

Please click the link below to learn which countries’ citizens have visa exemptions.

Sponsor Parties which are able to make visa application on behalf of individuals are as follows:

  • Hotels & Travel Agencies which operate in the U.A.E. may make travel visa applications on behalf of individuals. 
  • Airlines (Alarabiya, Emirates, Etihad, Flydubai and Turkish Airlines) may make tourist visa applications to relevant visa offices for Turkish Citizens with regular passports.    
  • Foreign citizens with resident permits in Türkiye may apply for tourist visa only to Airlines (Alarabiya, Emirates, Etihad, Flydubai) based in the U.A.E.   
  • Companies & Organizations based in the U.A.E. may apply for travel or business visa on behalf of Turkish citizens or foreign citizens with resident permit in Türkiye.   
  • The U.A.E. citizens or residents in the U.A.E. may apply for travel visa on behalf of their relatives or friends. 
  • In all visa transactions, Sponsors makes visa application to relevant authorities in the U.A.E. by stating visa type and reason for visit. 
  • Please call our Consulate to get further information for special purpose visas such as business, education, medical treatment and etc.  
  • All visa types are subject to permission of the UAE General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs. 

Attestation Procedures:

The documents which must be attested by our Consulate must firstly attested by authorities.   

These authorities are as follows:

  • Istanbul Governorship and District Governorships in Istanbul 
  • Kocaeli Governorship 
  • Sakarya Governorship
  • Tekirdag Governorship
  • Edirne Governorship
  • Kırklareli Governorship
  • Balıkesir Governorship
  • Bursa Governorship
  • Yalova Governorship
  • Bilecik Governorship
  • Canakkale Governorship
  • Manisa Governorship
  • Kutahya Governorship
  • Izmir Governorship

In addition to these; the attestations of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce for invoice and certificate of origin are also valid.     

Document Types: 

1. Commercial Documents:       

  • Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Cargo List, Food Certificate, Halal Food Certificate, etc.   
  • Trademarks, Commercial License, Company Capital Change, New partner participation to company, Work completion document (Outside or inside of the country), Board Decision, Meeting Minutes, Company establishment agreement, etc.      

2. Official and Personal Documents : Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Education Documents, Change Name Document, Documents prepared by Employers, Court Order, etc.  

3. Power of Attorney: Power of Attorneys for individuals and companies

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