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UAE-Relations – Austria

  • The friendly relationship between the UAE and the Federal Republic of Austria dates back to the era of H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. 
  • The first meeting between the two leaders was in 1973 whereas the bilateral relationship between the two countries was established on 10th March, 1974. 
  • Chancellor Bruno Kreisky visited the UAE 8 times in total between 1973 and 1986. 
  • H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan visited Austria 4 times during the same period. 
  • The relationship between H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and Chancellor Bruno Kreisky grew because of their shared aspiration for peace and stability. 
  • For Austria, the UAE is not only a political partner, but the most important economic and trade partner in the Gulf region. 
  • The economic partnership started about 26 years ago when Abu Dhabi company Mubadala acquired 13% of OMV shares in 1994. In 2019, Mubadala increased the stake to 25%. 
  • Bilateral relations between UAE and Austria are being strengthened in various fields, especially the political and economic fields, and they have developed based on the existence of consensus between the Emirates and Austria in most visions, and the common positions towards important international and regional issues. 
  • Chancellor Sebastian Kurz visited the UAE twice in 2018 and 2019 accompanied by a high-level economic delegation, which reflected the existence of political understanding regarding international issues and important regional matters in addition to bilateral issues. 
  • Both the UAE and Austria wishes to contribute significantly to strengthening the bilateral relations between the two countries and raising them to a strategic level in various fields, especially political, economic, technical and cultural

UAE-Relations – Slovak Republic

  • Diplomatic relations between the UAE and the Slovak Republic began on 1/4/1993, while the Embassy of the Slovak Republic was inaugurated in the UAE on 12/11/2013. 
  • Bilateral relations between the UAE and the Slovak Republic have significantly developed since 2015 due to the desire of the leaders of the two countries to strengthen their relations. Slovakia officially opened its Embassy in Abu Dhabi in 2015, and the most important bilateral agreements were signed, and many high-level visits and meetings were held. In the recent period, the two countries have been keen to strengthen their relations in various fields, especially in the security, technical, commercial and industrial fields, and in the areas of smart and digital transformation.

UAE-Relations – Slovenian Republic

  • The UAE was interested in developing friendly relations with the Republic of Slovenia, as the diplomatic relations between the two countries started in 1992, and the representation level was raised to the level of Ambassadors, as His Excellency Ambassador Abdulaziz bin Nasser Al Owais Al Shamsi presented his credentials as the first non-resident Emirati Ambassador to President Danilo Türk on 4 /5/2010.
  • The Republic of Slovenia officially opened its Embassy in the capital Abu Dhabi in 2019. 
  • In September 2015, the UAE and the Republic of Slovenia signed an agreement on economic and technical cooperation between the two countries in the capital Ljubljana, which includes the establishment of a joint economic commission to strengthening bilateral cooperation in vital sectors.
  • On 10/30/2019, Abu Dhabi hosted the first meeting of the Joint Economic Commission, which works on setting specific frameworks for cooperation in the tourism, information technology, food industries and civil aviation sectors.  Governmental and private communication channels was opened to follow up on the progress as well as raising the level of coordination to address any challenges stand in front of  joint development efforts.
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