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For Mexican citizens:

  • Holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary Passports are exempt from VISA (for the non-profit activities in the United Arab Emirates).

Requirements for visas (Passports of the countries that requires a VISA):

If you have a passport from the countries that require a VISA to travel to the United Arab Emirates, please follow these requirements, then contact us for an appointment:

  • 1- Submit Two (2) applications (include the details of your “Sponsor / Host” in the UAE, Address in UAE).

All applications must be typewritten.

About your (Sponsor / Host) please complete the following:
Full name: mention the name of the organization, the hotel, or the name of your contact in the United Arab Emirates.
Profession: Mention your current position.
Address: Mention the address of the organization, the hotel, or your contact in the United Arab Emirates.

  • 2- Passport (original), valid for at least six (6) months.
  • 3- A colored copy of the passport and its cover.
  • 4- Two (2) photos with a white background, passport size.
  • 5- The original document of the legal residence in Mexico and a colored copy.
  • 6- Copy of your roundtrip plane ticket.
  • 7- Your hotel reservation.
  • 8- Pay for the visa fees through a bank deposit of $60 US Dollars.
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