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Sun 15/3/2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns UAE citizens residing in or traveling to London of a recent increase in violence and knife crime, including a number of attacks on citizens of Arab Gulf states. We advise our citizens to take special care, especially at night, and avoid wearing valuable items that attract attention in public places.

The Ministry requests Emirati citizens in London to coordinate with the Embassy regarding any security concerns. They should contact the Embassy at the following number for assistance in the event of any threats to their security and safety: +4420 7581 1281.

(Safety Advice for the UAE Nationals Travelling to the UK) All UAE nationals visiting the United Kingdom are advised to read the "Visitor Information" guidelines provided by the Metropolitan Police below: Visitors Guide "London is one of the most interesting and exciting capital cities in the world attracting millions of visitors each year.

It's also one of the safest. As in any large, busy city, however, crime can sometimes be a problem so you do need to take care about personal safety and looking after your belongings.

These pages give advice on what you can do to make your visit to London safer and more enjoyable. In Your Hotel

• When you check into your room, make sure to check that the door has a functional lock and a dead bolt and keep it locked whenever you are in the room.

• Avoid leaving valuables in your room - keep them in the hotel safety box or safe.

• Keep a record of your personal belongings such as cameras, credit cards, passports and travellers cheques. Note down the numbers - it may help police to identify them if they do get lost or stolen.

• When you leave the hotel, make sure the door of your room is firmly closed. Always hand your key in to the reception staff or use the key box – do not leave it on the reception desk.

• Remember that hotel lobbies and reception areas are open to the public so do not leave your bags or any valuables lying on the floor unattended at any time. Out and About

• Keep your bag or camera where you can see them by wearing them in front of you, not over your shoulder. This is especially important if you are in a crowded area such as on a bus or an underground train.

• When in restaurants, bars, theatres or cinemas never leave your bag on the floor or over the back of your chair. Keep it where you can see it.

• Only buy theatre or concert tickets from reliable sources and not from 'touts' in the street. If you are out and about at night on foot, try to keep to busy, well-lit areas.

• When travelling by bus or train try to avoid using stations in isolated places. When possible sit near the driver on buses, and on trains try to make sure you sit in a compartment where there are other people.

• Only use taxis which have been licenced. These are easily recognised by a licence on display.

• Take extra care when crossing the road. Always remember to look both ways as traffic may be coming from a different direction than you are expecting.

• To plan your journey or access further travel safety tips, please visit Transport for London website at

Weapons and drugs Be aware that it is a criminal offence to carry weapons such as knives and guns in the UK. Unlike some other European countries it is also illegal to carry CS spray.

Remember that it is against the law to be in possession of 'classified' drugs this includes cannabis, marijuana and hashish. Finally Remember the police are there to help you.

If anything does go wrong and your possessions are lost or stolen then contact the police at the earliest opportunity." IN AN EMERGENCY REQUIRING POLICE, FIRE OR AMBULANCE SERVICE DIAL 999 For further information on Crime Prevention and how to stay safe, please visit: UAE Nationals Guide for Medical Emergency Treatments in the UK All UAE Nationals in possession of Thiqa Medical Insurance Card are required to contact Assist America on 0016092754999 in order to have their emergency medical treatment cost fully covered.

Should the Assist America refuse to cover the cost of the emergency treatment, please contact the UAE Nationals Department at the Embassy in London on 00442075811281 or e-mail For further information, please read the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Guide on Medical Emergency Treatments 

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