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UAE Embassy, Dhaka

  • The UAE Embassy, Dhaka plays an important role in the strong partnership between the UAE and Bangladesh Governments that supports understanding, recovery and prosperity for both countries.
  • Since the establishment of the United Arab Emirates on 2 December 1971, the UAE adopted a balanced foreign policy based on adoption of dialogue, respect of international conventions, commitment to the United Nations Charter and non-interference of other country's internal affairs, and the settlement of disputes by peaceful means.
  • One of the main anchoresses of the UAE’s foreign policy has been building cooperation-based relations with all countries of the world.
  • As a part of this UAE embassy, Dhaka was established in 1987.since its creation, the UAE Embassy has been playing an important role in fostering the strong and close relationship between UAE and Bangladesh.

About The Embassy

The Ambassador

H.E. Abdulla Ali Abdulla Khaseif AlHmoudi

Phone Number



House No. 191, Rod NO : 69 Gulshan North Avenue Gulshan No. 2 Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh

Working Hours

From: 9 AM

To: 4 PM

Weekend Days

Friday, Saturday

Citizens Affairs


Official Holidays

Friday & Saturday
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