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  • The UAE and India have distinguished trade relations and both sides are eager to boost bilateral trade flows over the coming years, primarily through new long-term partnerships across multiple sectors including the fields of commerce and transportation. Furthermore, the UAE and India’s economies are codependent due to the vast amount of reciprocal trade and investment flows between both countries. The bilateral relationship between the UAE and India matured and transformed into a comprehensive strategic partnership.
  • In the financial year 2020-21, the UAE is India’s third largest trading partner (after China and USA) for the 8th consecutive year, and the bilateral trade and investment has imperative role in overall UAE-India relationship. 
  • UAE investments in India has increased whopping 1100 percent from USD 339 million to USD 4.2 billion in last financial year, making UAE the 8th biggest foreign direct investor in India.
  • UAE is the second largest export destination of India. For UAE, India was the second largest trading partner (non-oil trade). UAE's investments in India are mainly in five sectors: Services Sector, Sea Transport, Power, Construction Activities (Infrastructure) and Construction Development (Townships, Housing, Built-Up Infrastructure And Construction-Development Projects). Most Indian companies have invested in real estate, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, transportation, logistics, construction, financial and insurance activities.
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