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  • The UAE has expressed its interest to invest in India's agriculture. Besides, the UAE, which is India's top trading partner in the entire West Asia North Africa (WANA) region, as it alone represents 75 per cent of India's export to GCC nations, has seriously taken forward the relations with India. Leading Indian journalist and an expert on India's relations with the Middle East, Ravi S Jha says, Indian exports to the UAE account for 6 per cent of India's global exports. 
  • The relations between the two countries are expected to flourish with Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's visit to Abu Dhabi in March, 2013. In 2008-09, India emerged as the largest trade partner of the UAE with bilateral trade between the two countries exceeding US$44.5 billion. UAE and India are each other's main trading partners. 
  • The trade totals over $75 billion (AED275.25 billion). Though India & UAE are two fast growing economies from Asia bilateral trade between them has not kept pace with the economic growth in the region, with trade falling to US$49.3 billion in 2016 from about US$67 billion in 2013. 
  • So, during the Indian PM Narendra Modi's visit to the UAE in February 2018, both sides signed a landmark agreement to conduct trade directly in their local currencies eliminating the need for US dollars which would significantly boost trade. Both leaders have also set an ambitious target of US$100 billion in bilateral trade by the year 2020.
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