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Issue a Return Document

Issue an electronic return document to UAE citizens in case of an emergency (loss, damage, or expiry of ordinary passport) during travel through UAE representative missions abroad in order to facilitate their return to the Country.

Service Procedures

  •  1. Registration
    + (with UAE Pass)
  • 2. Submit an application
    + (attach the required documents)
  • 3. Receiving the returning document
    + (via Email)

Service Fees
Free service
Service Type
Main Service - Procedural Service
Service Time
30 Minutes
Total Transactions

Service Beneficiaries

  • UAE Nationals

Required Documents

1- Issuance of a return document by virtue of the loss of the ordinary passport

• Copy of lost passport

• A copy of the passport loss report

• Personal photo

2- Issuance of a return document by virtue of the expiry of the ordinary passport

• Copy of expired passport

• Personal photo

3- Issuance of a return document by virtue of the damage of the ordinary passport

• Copy of damaged passport

• Personal photo

• A written message explaining the reasons why the passport was damaged, or a copy of the damaged passport

Service Application Channels

Service Delivery Channels

The document will be sent to the applicant via Email

Service Procedures

Service steps

Sustainable Development Goals

Safety, Justice and Strong Institutions

User Guide

Terms and Conditions

· Applicant must be a UAE national

· Application form must be correctly completed

· All required documents should be attached

· In some cases, the application may be forwarded to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security to decide thereon

For Enquiries

Please call our call center or

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