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UAE National Day

Start December 02, 2021 End December 02, 2021


Celebrated each year on 2 December, the UAE National Day is one of the most anticipated holidays in the country. And in 2021, the country will be marking its golden anniversary of 50 years.

On 2 December, 1971, the rulers of the emirates signed a unification agreement to create the United Arab Emirates, thus transforming the separate states into one thriving nation.

The day is commemorated with much aplomb citywide. Leading up to the festivities, the colours of the UAE flag decorate every corner of Dubai to build excitement. Look out for stunning decorations across the city as hues of red, white, green and black adorn shopping malls, skyscrapers, beaches and parks.

Enjoy cultural activities, outdoor entertainment and live concerts along with amazing staycation deals, shopping discounts, raffle prizes and so much more. Stay tuned for more details on the UAE's 2021 National Day celebrations.

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