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Update Establishment Card Service

The mission submits an application to update the establishment card data. 

Service Description:

1. Issuing a non-objection letter from the Ministry.
2. The mission submits the application via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ( or the smart mobile App (UAE, MOFA).
3. Select the (Services for Foreign Missions) (Issue an Establishment Card)
4. Select Start Service to fill in the fields, attach the required documents, and submit the application.
5. The mission receives an e-mail about the success of the process, indicating the reference number.
6. The concerned employee verifies and approves the data and sends them to the Authority.
7. The mission receives an e-mail indicating that the application has been approved and that it should coordinate and follow up on the procedures with the Authority.

Service Fees
Not exempted from fees of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security
Service Type
Main Service - Procedural
Service Time
5 working days
Total Transactions

Service Beneficiaries

  • Foreign Missions in UAE
  • Diplomatic staff members in Foreign Missions accredited to the UAE and their families (spouse and children).
  • Holders of diplomatic identity cards
  • Holders of International Organizations Identity Cards
  • Employees under the embassy’s sponsorship

Required Documents

1. Official memorandum signed and sealed by the foreign mission accredited to the UAE.
2. A copy of the establishment card and establishment number.
3. Approving the signature of the newly authorized signatories in both Arabic and English.
4. A colored copy of the diplomatic ID of the authorized signatories.

Service Application Channels

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Service Procedures

Service steps

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User Guide

Terms and Conditions

1. The data of the registered establishment are retrieved and reviewed.
2. Selecting the type of intended amendment (establishment tradename or authorized person name).
3. There is only one non-objection application for each type of amendment.
4. Amending the authorized signatories: by adding or deleting an authorized signatory only.
5. The card must be valid.
Conditions for issuing a non-objection letter from MOFA:
1. All individuals mentioned in the non-objection letter for the service of (updating an establishment card) must be “authorized signatories”.
2. The following data are to be added as a definition of the authorized person in the non-objection letter:
a. The name of the authorized signatory in both Arabic and English.
b. Nationality. (Approving the signature of the establishment card for holders of diplomatic, special and international organizations cards only).
c. Attaching a copy of a diplomatic, special or international organizations card.
3. Amending the authorized signatories: if there is any amendment to the authorized signatories, it must be expressly stated, the authorized signatories to be deleted must be selected and the signatories to be added must be entered.
4. The non-objection letter should be valid for 30 days from the date of approval by MOFA.

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