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  • The Cooperation between the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco is not limited only to the political and economic levels, but also extends to include cultural cooperation. The UAE participates in the most prominent cultural and artistic events hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco.
  • The convergence of aspects of heritage and common cultural denominators between the UAE and Morocco is embodied Sahrawi culture, especially at the level of poetry, proverbs, folk tales, engagement and marriage rituals and celebrations, and holiday traditions, in addition to literary heritage such as ‘zajal’ and rhymed poetry performed in groups.
  • Abu Dhabi hosted, from 4 to 11 December 2015, the “Moroccan Heritage Week” exhibition, hosted by the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club, under the patronage of King Mohammed VI and the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, coinciding with the celebration of the day. The 44th National day of the uae, with the participation of the King Mohamed VI.
  • On February 26, 2016, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture and the Department of Culture and Information of the Sharjah Government in the United Arab Emirates signed a memorandum of understanding regarding the establishment of an institution bearing the name “Dar Al-Poetry” in the city of Tetouan. According to the memorandum of understanding, this institution will be concerned with issues of creativity and poetry, as well as documenting and translating Moroccan poetry.
  • The UAE also participated in the 10th session of the Nador International Poetry Festival in the city of Nador in the north of Morocco, sponsored by the “Fujairah Culture and Media Authority”, as the two Emirati poets Khaled Al-Dhanhani and Omar bin Qalala Al-Amiri were guests of honor at the festival, which was organized by the “Association of Moroccan Creative Rifs” under the auspices of The Moroccan Ministry of Culture, under the slogan “Morocco - Africa has common roots”, with the participation of a number of Arab, African and European countries.
  • The UAE participated in the Moussem of Tan Tan held in Morocco, which constitutes an opportunity to introduce the UAE’s efforts to register elements of intangible heritage on the UNESCO list of intangible human heritage. It highlights the UAE’s local heritage and promotes it in all international forums, especially since it is considered a distinctive cultural and artistic event in the north. Africa, with its ability to bring together diverse forms of nomadic cultures, provides an opportunity for different Arab cultures to meet in one melting pot.
  • The United Arab Emirates participated, from July 7th to July 12th, 2023, in the 16th session of the ‘Moussem of Tan Tan’, with a pavilion supervised by the Department of Cultural and Heritage Festivals and Programs in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with a number of Emirati institutions concerned with the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • The Emirates Arabian Horse Association participated in the activities of the 14th edition of El Jadida Horse Fair, Morocco, on October 17th, 2023, which is held under the slogan “Horses and Sustainable Development.” The association’s participation in this session included many activities that demonstrate its role in caring for Arabian horses, based on the support and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the State, Deputy Prime Minister, Head of the Presidential Office, and Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors. The new edition of the exhibition focused on developments in recreational equestrian activities and cultural, artistic and sporting events, and included competitions and educational presentations to introduce horses.
  • On December 2nd, 2023, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Kingdom of Morocco issued a collective book titled “Contemporary insight on tolerance,” which included a valuable contribution from a group of academics from the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco. This intellectual work represents the result of close cooperation between thinkers in both the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Morocco.
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