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The UAE Consulate General in Melbourne hosted virtual meeting between the UAE Ministry of Education and Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI).

Mon 03/5/2021

The institute is considered the second largest research institute worldwide.

During the meeting, a detailed presentation was made on the Institute's activities and the latest developments in the field of scientific research, especially in genome research.

Both Professor/ Kathryn North - Director of MCRI and Professor / Sharon Goldfield - Theme Director on Population Health at the MCRI provided a detailed explanation of GenV research, as the institute will conduct a study on more than 120,000 children who were born during the Covid pandemic in Australia with their families to learn about the physical and psychological impact of the pandemic on these children in the future.

As well as finding scientific solutions to avoid it in the future.

It was also discussed about areas of cooperation between the UAE Ministry of Education and the Institute were, especially about UAE’s participation in this type of research.

The meeting was attended by Ms. Alanoud AlAli - Director of Educational Policies Department and a number of department directors and advisors in the UAE Ministry of Education.

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