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The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Afghanistan

  • The UAE embassy started its official work in Afghanistan in 2002.
  • Since that time the embassy performed different activities in the country which have been done through implementation of projects in different sectors, which has benefited the Afghan government and people in various levels.

About The Embassy

The Ambassador

H.E. Eisa Salem Aldhaheri

Phone Number




Roundabout zanbaq Talayi - Shahri Nu - Kabul - Afghanistan

Working Hours

From: 08:00 Am

To: 03:00 Pm

Weekend Days

Friday, Saturday

Citizens Affairs


Official Holidays

Official holy days: The first day spring /Solar year: one day Eid Al Fitr: 3 days Arafah: one day Eid Al- Adha: 3 days First day of holy month of Ramadan: one day Ashoura: one day Birth of the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): one day Soviet Union exit from Afghanistan: one day, February 15 Mujahedeen Victory: one day, Aril 28 Afghanistan Independence Day: one day, August 9 Commemoration Day: one day, September 9
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