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Can I enter UAE with my grandson?

Yes, having previously written authorization from their parents or guardians legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

Can I enter UAE with my stepchild without their biological parents?

Yes, having previously written authorization from their parents or guardians legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

Does a Spanish citizen need a visa to enter the UAE?

No, you do not need a visa. Spanish citizens are granted an entry permit immediately at the access points to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for free.

How can I know the job opportunities available to me in order to work in the UAE?

The consular section recommends that you contact the Dubai office of the Spanish Embassy to provide you with this information.

How can I legalize my papers at the UAE embassy in Madrid and how much does that operation cost?

The consular section recommends that the official Spanish documents be legalized first in the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Ministry that issues the document that you wish to legalize in order to carry out the legalization from the UAE embassy in Madrid. As for the price, contact the consular section at the number 0034915715176. EXT: 4023/4024/4027 to know the legalization price, taking into account that the payment process is done by credit / debit card or bank transfer in some special cases.

I am not a Spanish citizen but I live in Spain and I have a permanent residence permit, do I need a visa to travel to UAE?

Probably. It would depend on your nationality, please check the visa section in this link to make sure entry-permit-or-a-visa-to-enter-the-uae #

I want to work in UAE, how can I get a work permit?

You would need to have a UAE sponsor to process this permit. The sponsor is usually the company, the institution, the hospital, the clinic or the person for whom you will work.

My son has a last name different from mine, should I have proof of parental responsibility to enter UAE?

It would be advisable.

What are the procedures for issuing criminal records of the embassy?

From the website of the Ministry of Interior and ask the interested person to testify directly, after printing it and go to the embassy to probate it. The applicants for criminal records certificates that require that said certificates, originally issued by the UAE Ministry of Interior, be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that state so that they can then be readied by the UAE Embassy in Madrid and thus be legalizable by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain and admissible by the rest of the authorities of this country have to request it from the moment of submission of the application and pay the legalization fees corresponding to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE and the Embassy in Madrid.

What are the procedures to request authorization to shoot in UAE?

Coordination with the competent authorities of the UAE should be carried out depending on the place where it is going to roll by contacting the embassy media department to take the necessary measures. To contact the embassy media department, call 0034915715176 and ask to speak with the media department indicating the purpose of the call, having that information available: 1. List with the names of the recording team including passport numbers and their expiration date and the work performed by each member of the team (journalists, camerman, editor, director ... etc). 2. Clear photocopies of team passports. 3. List of the recording material including the models of the devices and their serial numbers. 4. Details of the stay in the UAE including the dates of entry and exit of the country, the name of the Airline, the round trip flights, the arrival and departure airports. 5. Program of the visit and the places to be filmed.

What do I have to do to take my pet to UAE?

You must obtain a veterinary medical certificate stating that you are free of infectious diseases prevalent in your animals and that you are certified by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, previously witnessed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. See the Certifications section on this page. And it is better to communicate with the airline with which you are traveling than to provide facilities that you do not need to ratify. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Environment and Water or private agencies that offer the service of importation / exporation of animals in the UAE. Email: or Headquarters of the Ministry in Abu Dhabi: Tel: +0097124495100 In Dubai: Tel: +0097142148444 Cargo Village - Dubai Airport (E-permits) Tel: +0097172682325

What medicines can I take to UAE?

Some medicines sold with or without a prescription in Spain are restricted substances in the United Arab Emirates. Check here the list of restricted medicines. If the medications you use are among those prohibited in the aforementioned list, it would be necessary for you to obtain a medical certificate or prescription legalized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and after the UAE embassy in Madrid to be able to carry an amount that cover your consumption of them for a maximum period of three months to UAE. For more details on the rules for introducing medicines to the UAE, see the guidelines of the UAE Ministry of Health here.

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